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Become a Member


Everyone is welcome to join the BSR!

Your gift funds a critical pool of flexible, readily-available support that can be put to use wherever it is needed most urgently – with immediate benefit to our residents, programmes, and staff.

All donors giving £50 or more are automatically Members of the BSR.

Please support the Annual Fund at whatever level is most appropriate for you, knowing that the BSR values every gift and every donor.


All gifts from individuals above £50 (€60 for those joining in Rome) qualify for BSR membership for the remainder of the calendar year and to the following 31 March.

Individual Member (£50 and above)

Individual Members (£50) may purchase PBSR for:

  • Current printed version plus digital PBSR online: £21

  • PBSR Online only: £15

Supporting Member (£100 and above)

Sustaining Member (£500 and above)

Ashby Patron

Ashby Patron membership starts at £2,000 and above per annum.
All of our individual Members enjoy:

  • Eligibility to stay at the BSR (charges apply)

  • Complimentary BSR Library membership (24/7 access if resident, normal business hours if not)

  • Help with access to closed sites (where and when possible)

  • E-Invitations to Member events in the UK and Italy

  • Advance, emailed notice of BSR News and BSR Events

  • The Annual Review and Fine Arts Catalogue


Universities, cultural and arts organisations, foundations and museums making a donation of £120 or more to the Annual Fund enjoy:

  • A printed copy of the Papers of the British School at Rome (published each autumn)

  • Access to PBSR Online including earlier volumes of PBSR

  • The ability to propose students for the City of Rome postgraduate course (acceptance is reserved to the BSR), subject to prior agreement with BSR

  • Eligibility for groups to stay at the BSR and use the Library, subject to availability, and at current rates. (NB all group members are also required to become BSR individual members)

  • Reasonable use of BSR research services to support visiting groups

  • E-invitations to Members events in the UK and Italy

  • Emailed updates on our activities past and future via the quarterly BSR News and BSR Events programme

  • Printed copies of the current Annual Review and Fine Arts catalogue


If you would like to become a member and support our work, there are a few ways to do so.

  • Become a member online via PayPal, by selecting an option on the right. All funds through PayPal go directly to the BSR, and you do not need to have a PayPal account to donate this way.

  • Become a member via email by completing a Membership form and returning it to us. If you would prefer to return your form by post, please send it to our London Office.

  • If you require assistance, or have a query about BSR Membership, please contact Sam Kan in our London Office.

Latest Events

Latest Events

The changing face of the Eastern Caelian: Recent work by the ‘Rome Transformed’ Team
In 2019, colleagues from the British School at Rome, the University of Florence, the Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche and Newcastle University launched the ERC-funded ‘Rome
Wednesday 26/01/2022
Material as metaphor is the foundation of my artistic practice. My work springs from ancestral connection and environment - natural and societal. As a descendant
Wednesday 02/02/2022
Pre-Roman cities and religion between Etruria and Iberia
What do 1st-millennium-BC southern Tyrrhenian Etruscan and South Eastern Iberian cities have in common? And why are they good to think with comparatively?  Scholarship on
Wednesday 09/02/2022